Introduction: Micro Changes

Dear Infected,

The Earth has survived for one more year. Little has changed between today and yesterday, but small changes can grow to be massive.

The Butterfly Effect. Chaos theory. Marty McFly’s hazardous journeys to the past to ensure the desired future. Micro changes constantly present themselves as contenders of structural change, and yet – spectacle-focused society that we are – we tend to require constant reminding.

What is considered ‘micro’ is a matter of perspective: What is a galaxy to us could be only the nucleus of a cell; and while a pulse from our heart merely a flutter to our eye, it sends blood roaring through ventricles, valves, chambers, pipes and pistons. Even the small word ‘like’ – systematically peppered through vernacular language – can be seen changing our patterns of thinking. Belittling people, their actions and efforts can be a strategy of disempowerment; and acknowledging them can have the reverse effect.

To begin 2019, Pandemic’s creators give their two cents on Micro Changes. If they inspire your own reflections, researches, stories, or thoughts, we would be glad to hear them!

After all, every penny counts!

All our best,


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