Submission Guidelines

To the writers and artists of this world: Pandemic wants to feature your work in our issues!

Please send all submissions to the following email:

Submitting an article idea or theme idea

Those who have an infectious idea, interesting discovery, or unique angle that they don’t want to write themselves, this is the way to tell us about it. Shoot us a quick email with some information, and maybe you’ll see your idea covered in an upcoming issue!

Submitting an article

If your idea needs some real space to be heard, please submit it to us as an article! If you’re lacking inspiration, feel free to read through our past issues and archive, or come to Pandemic’s next public event for some creative discussion.

Articles are usually between 500 and 1500 words, and can include original photos or artwork. We require articles to be written in American English, but the style is otherwise very open. Whether your voice is satirical, academic, narrative, or anything in between, Pandemic wants to be the place for your voice to be heard.

Keep in mind that as a publishing platform, our mission is to spread infectious ideas, so articles should be centered around an original and provocative thought or idea.

References are important if you’re including facts which don’t fall under common sense, so please include links via citations or footnotes.

Submitting other work

Pandemic is a space to share creativity in all of its forms. Submissions may include paintings, photographs, poetry, short stories, and anything else you’ve been inspired to create based on our theme. 

We also accept submissions for our monthly theme banners! If you’re interested in creating a visual piece for a theme, please send us an email for more information on upcoming themes and practicalities.

Submitting a “Response”

If you would like to submit a response to an article Pandemic has previously published, this is referred to as a “Letter to the Editor.”

Do you feel strongly about a particular topic we’ve published on? Do you have the urge to let others know what you think, and be heard by a larger audience? This is your chance to speak out! Feel free to inform us about an issue, and/or take a position on an issue.

 With just a few words, you can inspire and stimulate community discussion!

If you have any questions use our contact page and a team member will get in touch with you soon.