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2020 Art Contributing Creators Pandemic

Colorful Environments

Artwork and Text by Cynthia Dimaria

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a soul-searching time for me and inspired this work. To keep my sanity I paint.

I have had a lot of support from Janice Gough, founder of the Art Foundation of Desert Hot Springs. She has given numerous opportunities to show and display my work. I am thankful for her interest and friendship. She has been there for me in many ways. 

In one of my paintings I show a couple in a colorful environment. The entities are awkward in structure and they are confused on how to communicate with each other. A sort of, where do we start now. 

I want everybody to stay safe and healthy. Wearing a mask is like having a seat belt on. So buckle up.

This too shall pass.

Cynthia Dimaria is a visual artist from the Coachella Valley. Some of her inspirations are Kostabi, Caravaggio, Banksy, Warhol, Bruce Weber, Guy Fribritti Shaw, and Diane Arbus. Her work has shown in New York, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Atlanta, and New Orleans. Below are some videos of the different mediums she uses. 

Art FILTERED RECOLLECTIONS - October 2018 Tuisku "Snow" Curtis-Kolu

A Portrait From Memory

Art by Tuisku “Snow” Kolu

Sketching portraits can sometimes feel like an intimate act. You become familiar with the curves, wrinkles, and freckles on the face of a stranger, a passerby. For a moment, you know their face better than your own. You see the story of their life, their memories etched into their skin – from laugh lines around their eyes to the years of stress carved into their forehead.

To them, they’ve simply passed an oddly ogling stranger. To you, a face with a fascinating story immediately begins to be warped by your memory.

Get sketching materials before it fades. Before your attempted replica becomes a false representation of what gave you such a heavy feeling of life.

Art MADNESS - July & August 2018 Tuisku "Snow" Curtis-Kolu

Cycling Creativity

Written by Tuisku “Snow” Kolu

Creativity can be a kind of madness, taking over your motive and drive whenever or wherever it pleases. This can be problematic when you’re on the road and have limited supplies to express yourself. But the Creative needs to be fed. Limited supplies doesn’t necessarily spell disaster for the Creative, but rather reforms its drive to find a way to express itself. Hence you find yourself painting with a messy brush that is falling apart onto a piece of bark ripped from a tree. For now, your mind can be still from the need to create, but not for long.

Issues MADNESS - July & August 2018

July & August 2018 – Madness

Dear Infected,

There’s so much craziness going on in the world now that it appears we, as a planet, are going insane.

The US is leading the charge in support of those who deny climate change, while at the same time acknowledging that climate change related incidents are getting worse. Even more shocking is the temporarily halted program of separating families at the US/Mexico border because the trauma of such an event is something the leadership doesn’t really care about. Across an ocean, Europe continues to lament the trickle of refugees coming to its borders, despite the fact that most stay in the region they originate from. It can be frustrating, depressing, maddening that world leaders can carry on with such policies as if they aren’t inherently wrong.

If you’re feeling insane, take comfort that in a mad world only the mad stay sane.

With this in mind, the theme for this summer is Madness. It is our hope that an organized expression of our feelings will work as a form of collective therapy.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Pandemic Team