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2021 Art Pandemic Pandemic Staff Contributors Tuisku "Snow" Curtis-Kolu

The Bottom of the Hills

Art and Text by Tuisku “Snow” Curtis-Kolu

I’ve been trying to connect with nature, its stillness. Everything moves like thunder, while every day I sit at home. Nature moves with the same slow pace, sometimes quickening but always constant. 

Nature Series 1: The Bottom of the Hills (Scotland, Autumn)

The tops of hills and mountains usually get all the artistic glory. I find the greatest beauty is sometimes hidden in between those tops, in the valleys at the bottom of the hills. In autumn the colour, the life, asks you to keep looking, go higher. (Oil, 25×25)

Artist, Master of Law, Familiar Stranger. Snow believes couches are the beds of the busy and the ground is a welcoming cushion. She sometimes struggles to explain what she’s seeing or thinking, so she creates. Snow has a love for oil painting, but flirts with a wide variety of mediums. 

“I connect through colour – it helps me feel present. I hope it helps you to feel something unexpected.”

Art ROOTS - MAR/APR 2019 Tuisku "Snow" Curtis-Kolu

Chomp Chomp

Art and Text by Tuisku “Snow” Kolu

a hippo bites a zebra

Chomp Chomp by Tuisku “Snow” Kolu

CHOMP CHOMP goes the Hippo!

The Zebra kicks and squeals!

An instinctual action can have consequences beyond your realization, beyond your momentary lapse in judgment.

Action will always be followed by reaction.

Art MADNESS - July & August 2018 Tuisku "Snow" Curtis-Kolu

Cycling Creativity

Written by Tuisku “Snow” Kolu

Creativity can be a kind of madness, taking over your motive and drive whenever or wherever it pleases. This can be problematic when you’re on the road and have limited supplies to express yourself. But the Creative needs to be fed. Limited supplies doesn’t necessarily spell disaster for the Creative, but rather reforms its drive to find a way to express itself. Hence you find yourself painting with a messy brush that is falling apart onto a piece of bark ripped from a tree. For now, your mind can be still from the need to create, but not for long.