Contributing Creators Film MICRO CHANGES - JAN/FEB 2019


Directed by Cody Theilman

  Rumpleforeskin from Visual Lounge on Vimeo.

Rumpleforeskin was created with a group of friends and co-workers. In our day to day jobs, we create television commercials and always have talked about doing something together outside of work for fun. We’ve met some talented actors and makeup artists through work and brought them along for the ride. It was a one day shoot that took about 17 hours from start to finish.

I’ve done a few other shorts that would fall into a similar category, somewhere along the lines of dark comedy and twisted irony. I’ve noticed a lot my favorite characters haven’t been human… It’s fun for me to try to take an evil character and get the audience to empathize with him.

The overall message was just poking fun at the whole Instagram fitness guru community. Everyone these days seems to be a motivational speaker, tirelessly preaching to the masses and I just felt I’m not alone in being annoyed by it.

I guess there’s a little Rumpleforeskin in all of us.



Joey Thompson – RumpleForeskin
Jesse Grant – Jesse

Directed by: Cody Theilman
Associate Producer: Shauna Toerner
Director of photography: Carlos Oropeza
Gaffer: Jorge Hernandez
AC: Juan Santos
Visual Effects: Eric Del Aguila
Special Effects Make up: Alex Galaviz, Romie Macedo, Mappy Andrade, Joseph Vasquez
Original Score: Tyler Stein
Sound: Emile Harris
G&E: Evan Yee , Bobby Sutton
Artwork: George Smith
Original Story: Cody Theilman, Richard McConnell
Screenplay: Cody Theilman, Joey Thompson, Jesse Grant
Special Thanks: Vanessa Tortora, Elizabeth Fielding Oropeza, Kyle Theilman, Cass Theilman

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