Art FILTERED RECOLLECTIONS - October 2018 Lennart Roos Valentina Gianera


Video by Valentina Gianera & Lennart Roos

The theme of this month’s issue can be approached from various angles. When crafting the idea for the movie, we chose for a very personal approach. We wanted to indulge in people’s memories, let ourselves be carried to distant moments and places. Moments and places only they themselves know about, because buddy, they’re alone.

Strangers asking people to share a moment of solitude is a strange thing.

You want them to feel comfortable. Not have them worry about their expression. Be able to get wound up in their memories without having to decide whether to look at the camera or into themselves. But you still want to catch a glimpse of their personality. And as Stefan Zweig noted in 24 Hours in the Life of a Woman (1927), there is no better way to do so than observing people’s hands perform.

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