October 2018 – Filtered Recollections

Dear Infected,

We revisit the past for all sorts of reasons. Whether it’s out of nostalgia, melancholia, or in order to understand the present: our memories form an integral part of day-to-day life.

We need to remember in order to learn. People create their personal identities through coherent narratives of their pasts. A constructed sense of self is not limited to the individual, our collective memories are interwoven into a history of us as a community.

In our fast-paced world, we tend to be pre-occupied with the future. However understandable this may be, it may be wise to reflect upon experiences from days gone by. Of course in the act of recalling a memory, we risk changing it so all of our past is filtered through who we are in the present. You may never know what you could learn from probing into the depths of your own mind. Your past may provide you with crucial insights you need today.

As a society when we want to remember something, we create monuments. We would like for you to think of Pandemic as a monument to yourself as we invite you to submit a creation for October’s issue, Filtered Recollections.

Lest we forget,

The Pandemic Team

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