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MICRO CHANGES - JAN/FEB 2019 Prose Sybrand Veeger Uncategorized

Cries of Flux

Written by Sybrand Veeger

Everything is flux or energy or motion or fire or change so

Everybody is beat, pulse, thump, pump, thump, pump, rush!

I sometimes feel and listen to my neck’s pulse on the pillow when I’m half asleep while imagining my skin translucent I watch my blood race in shoots from my heart to my heart to my heart roaring through ventricles and valves and chambers and pipes and pistons self-orchestrating the fiery flux of this sanguine concerto in thick red minor to which I tend to dream of dancing in straight cardiac tempo echoed by a chorus that inhales and exhales and expands and contracts while inflating sacks of airy oxygen producing exhalations of life and thought and memories and words and dreams and causing inhalations ad absurdum finitum finitum finitum finitum!

“Stop! Bodies never stand still! Accept the bloody fire of flesh!”

Everything is flux or energy or fire or stream or change so

Every soul’s motion parallels the flow of breath and blood!

I sometimes stand beside my spirit’s stream to observe the ebbing flow of consciousness covered by surface currents made of perceptions coloring the mental water that rushes rainbow-dyed by the senses and is carried through by an undercurrent of fears and anxieties and joys and excitements causing the tide of this river of subjectivity which direction is determined by imagination and which flooding is seldom barred by the weak dams of rational thought!

“Stop! Minds never stand still! Accept the perpetual stream of spirit!”

Pandemic is Mutating

Greetings Infected!

In the coming months, Pandemic will undergo some restructuring and rebranding, with the goal of establishing a stable foundation for the future. As a consequence, we will not be publishing any new content until January, but you can expect a re-launch with the New Year! Plans include registering Pandemic as an official organization, beginning the work involved with generating ad revenue, building an archive of ‘timeless’ articles, and more.

In the meantime, let us introduce Pandemic’s current new board members:

Phillip Morris, as Editor in Chief 

Mia Muller, as Director

Nike Vrettos, as Secretary 

Floris Van Dijk, as Business Consultant

Our first goal is filling open positions. As we are currently in the process of filling the positions of Head Writer and Head Editor, the remaining board position is Public Relations. It requires 1 meeting per week with the leadership of Pandemic (lasting approx. 1 hour) in addition to 4 hours of independent work.

Other open positions consist of writers and editors, which require 1 meeting per week with your team head, and on average 2 hours a week of independent work.

These positions will be filled in the coming weeks, meaning that any interested candidates should contact us as soon as possible at the following address:

Please let us know if you’d to work with the new Pandemic. We look forward to hearing from you!


Phillip Morris and Mia Müller