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Contributor THE BODY AS A PRISON - November 2018

To Only Exist As A Mind

Written by Marten Bart Stork

Some say that the body is the temple of the holy spirit.

Others say it is a prison for the soul.


But however we may see it, we seem to be stuck with it. (At least for now)


Or is there somewhere else we can go?


What if we could leave our body before we die?


In the future we probably will be able to have a fully functional isolated brain.

Separate from our body.

(Free from physical pain?)


Or will consciousness be digitized?


Either way, it seems likely that we will at some point be able to leave our bodies behind.

(While we are still alive)

And exist only as a mind.


Try to imagine what that would be like.


To exist only as a mind.


Will it be like a dream?

An everlasting dream?


For time would no longer matter when we could (potentially) live forever.


Will technology enable us to transcend to beings of pure consciousness?


Could we create a complete universe inside our mind?

A perfect non-physical (virtual) reality for every one of us.


A place where we can do and create anything we can imagine?


Maybe god did not create the universe, but the universe is creating gods.


Gods that in their turn create new universes.


That in their turn create new gods.


Infinite realities.

Infinite possibilities.

Contributor FILTERED RECOLLECTIONS - October 2018


Footage Curated by Julian Bell

Pandemic: What do you remember from the day on which you found the film?

Julian: I don’t remember much about finding it at the charity store actually, but I do remember when I started to investigate what I had got. It was amongst a pile of other films, and it took a long time of course to view it all.

This particular family, from Amsterdam North, recorded films from 1962 to 1978. And it was all real home movies. But it was only when I started to project it and looked at what I had got that I started to realize that it was pretty good.

I’ve found quite a few old films, but there was a lot of people who didn’t know how to film – they take their cameras with them on holiday and they’re waving it about – zoom lenses were just invented so they’re zooming.

Pandemic: – Making you feel seasick.

Julian: Yeah. But back then there were the film clubs that people went to. This was a more social thing. It was in ’65 that super8 was invented – or brought to the market – and before that, it was old-fashioned 8mm, But in the ‘60s Kodak was trying to sell everything and so they were encouraging these film clubs and competitions (same as with photography) – it was all a big thing.

And at these film clubs, some people did learn how to film with a steady hand – and not make you feel seasick – and some people were really good. So I recognized this.

This film is from a box from this one family – there’s about 40 films I think.

One thing that you never see in the film is Father – he’s always behind the camera – which is a specialty of these films.

And the people in the film: I recognize one of the girls, she’s one of twins, but the other girl is not the other twin – she’s somebody else’s daughter. But then you’ve also got policemen in it – they’re filmed at the police bureau there; they’ve got a nun in there also – it’s all very social; when neighborhoods were much closer. I mean it was a whole different, nice thing in a way – out of the past.

Uit from Julian Bell on Vimeo.