The Board


Phillip Morris, Editor in Chief

Phillip is predominantly a writer of short fiction for local zines in and around Amsterdam. In his free time he pursues a masters degree in public international law with a strong interest in space law (yes it is a thing). [/one-third-first] [one-third]

Mia Müller, Director

Mia grew up in different parts of Germany and America with a love for culture, especially art, music, and writing. After completing a fine arts degree in the mountains of North Carolina, she moved to Amsterdam to attend the University of Amsterdam Law School in pursuit of a degree in environmental law. [/one-third] [one-third]

Nike Vrettos, Secretary

Half Greek half German, Nike was born and raised in Germany. Currently she is in a bachelors program in Amsterdam, majoring in International Law. If she is not studying in the city, one can find her traveling through the world and learning about different cultures, and meeting new people. Photography is her other passion she tries to practice as much as she can in her free time. [/one-third] [one-third-first]

Jurek Wötzel, Head Writer

Jurek is a PPLE student in his third-year majoring in politics. His family is partly from the former GDR, and partly from West Germany. Growing up in East Germany has shown him how important a structured public discourse is for peaceful living-together. With his work for Pandemic he wants to contribute to an informed exchange of ideas, in which the best argument wins; and not the loudest speaker. [/one-third-first] [one-third]

Giulia Doria, Public Relations

Born and raised in Monaco, Giulia comes from a Swiss-Italian family. She is currently pursuing a bachelors in comparative private law at the University of Amsterdam. If not buried in books or running after the kids she babysits, she can be found roaming through museums or strolling in the park. [/one-third] [one-third]

Floris van Dijk, Business Consultant

Floris is a half Dutch and half French economics student at the University of Amsterdam. When he is not reading on the rise and fall of empires or on converging efficiency and efficacy in processes, he tries to remember where he parked his bike the other night. [/one-third]