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Contributing Creators Film THE BODY AS A PRISON - November 2018

Pretty Ugly & I Can’t Sleep

Videos by Anchitta “Kitty” Noowong

The two films below were shown as part of Pandemic’s November film screening. Watch the films, then read on to learn more about their creation and their creator, Anchitta who studies film at Portland State University.

“Pretty Ugly”

Initially, I created Pretty Ugly for a scholarship I, unfortunately, didn’t receive. However, the film became a success and earning 53,000 views!

Pretty Ugly was created to challenge society’s ideal of beauty and exposes the adverse effect media has on girls and women around the world. The obsession with “likes” and seeing “pretty girls” on Instagram leads to insecurities and high levels of pressure to be “perfect” – slim waist, clean skin, “thinspo”.

“I Can’t Sleep”

I Can’t Sleep is an experimental film. I occasionally have severe cases of insomnia, and so I made I Can’t Sleep to express how I feel.

The feeling of tiredness and mental impediments lead me to consider physical harms – hitting myself in the head and swallowing sleeping pills so that I can fall asleep. Lying in bed wanting to sleep but not able to is my worst case of the body as a prison.

What led you to become a filmmaker?

My parents used to work in the film and television industry in Thailand. I grew up running around behind the scenes. I’ve tried many different things growing up, but I eventually came back to filmmaking. I love being on set and creating ideas from scratch. Also, I love collaborating with people who are as passionate as I am about telling stories that matter.

Where there limitations on your projects that you needed to overcome?

I don’t own a camera, so that makes it harder to film. The equipment is usually expensive to own and expensive to rent. Nonetheless, I always try to take advantage of being a student by checking out school equipment for free. I also like to associate myself with people from community-based learning organizations as they offer affordable classes and filming gear.

What lessons had you learned from between the first and second films?

The story is what matters most! Of course, it helps if your film looks cinematic. However, if the story isn’t there, it will not resonate with the audiences. And that’s the whole point of filmmaking!

Also, take your time creating. If you don’t like something about the film, change it. Don’t do it just to submit to a film festival. You will regret not taking your time making it the best it could be.

  You can keep up with Anchittas latest work on Instagram @anchittafilms.