2022 3. The meaning of life is to keep living. Art Creating with Principles Tuisku "Snow" Curtis-Kolu

Social Worship

Art and Text by Tuisku “Snow” Curtis-Kolu

We were locked in our apartments, locked in our rooms; air was stale and the hallways quiet. We daydreamed of the day when finally we could come together at the altar of societies that make us so deeply human.

Social Worship (acrylics on canvas, Scotland 2021)

Artist, Master of Law, Familiar Stranger. Snow believes couches are the beds of the busy and the ground is a welcoming cushion. She sometimes struggles to explain what she’s seeing or thinking, so she creates. Snow has a love for oil painting, but flirts with a wide variety of mediums. 

“I connect through colour – it helps me feel present. I hope it helps you to feel something unexpected.”

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