2021 Art Pandemic Tuisku "Snow" Curtis-Kolu

Leafy Veins

Art and Text by Tuisku “Snow” Curtis-Kolu

Up close leaves are strange wee things, aren’t they? Their extreme colours, their nutrient carrying veins – every point connected and separated. Nature makes patterns that the strengths of human innovation may never quite master without a fuller appreciation and reflection on the nuances of our world. 

Nature Series 3: Leafy Veins (acrylic paint on paper – Scotland, 2020)

Artist, Master of Law, Familiar Stranger. Snow believes couches are the beds of the busy and the ground is a welcoming cushion. She sometimes struggles to explain what she’s seeing or thinking, so she creates. Snow has a love for oil painting, but flirts with a wide variety of mediums. 

“I connect through colour – it helps me feel present. I hope it helps you to feel something unexpected.”

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