Introduction: Roots

Dear Infected,

As our attentions rise further and further from the ground, we leap from platform to platform, until all we have built is surrounded by air. Those with vertigo grow dizzy and fall. Those with good lungs climb another rung on the stair.

“As well as holding plants to the ground, roots hold the ground together,” we read from the screens that relieve us of boredom as we tower in isolation.

Each step that we take that is not grounded in our roots but sprung from thin air wobbles the teetering structure. We continue, realizing that the higher we reach, the smaller the changes on the ground need to be to cause our towers to tumble.

“Who is making the Earth quake?” we scream, from our stilts as we point to muddied figures below in the muck. We stomp our high heels angrily, severing one more branch from its roots, causing the Earth to crumble further.

We hope to see you on the ground.



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