Introduction: Transformative Technocrats

Dear Infected,

There are many forms of political organization that exist, have been proposed, or tried and failed. A key aspect fo their differences is how their leaders are selected.

Monarchies try their best to maintain a consistent hereditary lineage. In democracies, people are represented by politicians they elect based on shared ideals. In a technocracy, leaders are chosen based on their expertise. More often than not once a leader is in place they select technocrats to oversee the bureaucracies that make up a government.

As technology has integrated itself into every aspect of our lives, more power has been given over to experts of IT, economics, and psychology than was initially intended.

The recognition of this shift in power, which can be used for good and ill, serves as the inspiration for December’s theme: Transformative Technocrats.

As we head into the holidays it is inevitable that some of us will be given a new piece of technology or digital service. This month we ask that you reflect on how this new addition to your life might change your life, however subtly.

If those insights inspire you to create, we hope you’ll share your creations with us!




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