June 2018 – Twisted Morality

Dear Infected,

Since the 1940’s people suffering from extreme epilepsy have undergone a surgical procedure called corpus callosotomy, to disrupt the electrical signals traveling between the hemispheres of the brain, which results in a condition commonly known as split brain. The defining characteristic of people with this condition is that they can only talk about what their left side experiences, because it’s controlled by the half of the brain responsible for speech, yet each hand can independently draw what that half of the body has seen. When asked why their right hand drew what it did, they either don’t know or make up a justification.

The prevailing theory is that severing the brain leads to the development of two distinct personalities, but another theory is that the other personality was always there. Unable to communicate the silent personality simply resigns itself to going along for the ride. So here’s an infectious idea to kick off the June issue: What if you are not just you? If you’ve seen Get Out you can imagine this scenario, and how terrifying it would be.

But even more horrifying is the thought that this other personality isn’t without some influence over our personality. That might give an answer why normal-seeming people randomly snap. Or how others exhibit a split personality doing horrible things daily, yet justify to themselves that they are good people.

Thankfully, a recent study gives hope that this isn’t happening inside of us, but still, this idea serves as an introduction to Pandemic’s June issue, Twisted Morality.

We look forward to hearing from you (both of you)!

The Pandemic Team

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